100% Italian Attitude

Via Vadi Caffè opened a few years ago backed by a woman’s idea that Seattle needed a different flavor of coffee shop, and there’s no doubt Vadi has a unique atmosphere that stands out from other cafes. With support from her family and many amazing customers over the years Maria Porco has made this cozy cafe into the perfect neighborhood hideout.  We serve delicious coffee, unique pastries, and your daily dose of healthy conversation. Truthfully it’s an overdose.

If you step through the front door, your ears may be assaulted by laughter and the usual crass banter between the sassy baristas and whoever else wants to join in. If you decide to stay and enjoy yourself it wont take long for everyone to learn your name, what you do, and what brought you to the neighborhood. Most customers use it as an escape from the daily grind, a place to get involved with people who’d rather just be real, or to add a little fun to their day.

Even when you just stop in for a quick espresso or pastry to go, there’s never a dull moment. Via Vadi isn’t an instant coffee stand, it’s charm lies in the experience that starts once you walk in the door.

Sweet and Savory

Something smooth to go with that coffee, or do you just need sugar buzz? Whether you need a savory scone to start your morning off right, or a or a sugary morsel to give you that extra oomph for the afternoon, Via Vadi is sure to have the perfect freshly locally made treat waiting for you in the case.

We are now serving locally made pastries!

Sit Down and Stay Awhile

We combine mad coffee skills with our gift for gab. At Via Vadi there’s always time for conversation, so come in and put up your feet, grab a treat, some espresso and watch the madness unfold.