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Pound Of Fat ?

How much fat is in a pound?

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pound of fat

About 35 bananas, 35 tablespoons of Nutella, 29 glasses of white wine, or 2.6 large Big Mac sandwiches make up one pound of fat. They merely reflect a pound of fat’s caloric worth; they do not all actually contain a pound of fat.

You’re probably thinking that you wouldn’t consume 35 bananas at once or 35 tablespoons of Nutella—unless you were having a very trying day. Not shocking you is the aim. It’s merely a tool to help you understand what a pound of fat looks like and to demonstrate how small changes can add up over time. For many people, drinking 29 glasses of wine in a month is very typical. Imagine halving everything you just said. If you didn’t get your calories from another source, you would have dropped 6 pounds of fat after a year.

Let’s say you want to burn off 17,500 calories to lose 5 pounds of fat. It’s great. In three months, do you want to lose them? I’m good. In terms of calories, that equates to 5833 calories a month, 1423 calories per week, and roughly 203 calories per day. You comply? You will shed your 5 pounds of fat if you consume 203 less calories per day. Isn’t that easy?

Simple to comprehend but difficult to implement. You will have good days and poor days, therefore my suggestion is to see the target loss on a weekly basis rather than a daily basis. Take it one week at a time and don’t worry about it!

Fat Vs Muscle

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