August 20, 2022

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This is how you take care of Harley-Davidson OEM parts

This is how you take care of Harley-Davidson OEM parts

Do you need Harley-Davidson OEM parts? You’re definitely not the only one. It can take a while before you find the perfect motorcycle parts. Luckily, we have some tips for you to save a lot of time and to take care of your motorcycle. Are you already curious? Then read along!

Find the frame number

First of all, determine which year the bike was made. On newer bikes you may need to look at the engine and frame numbers. If you have a classic bike, such as a Harley Davidson, chances are you have the old model so look for that as well. If you have a pre-vintage bike look for what model they used. The frame number may be useful.

Go online

You need to be efficient and go online. This is the cheapest source for Harley-Davidson OEM parts. Look for advertisements that may state availability for a specific year of the bike. And, also very important, find the lowest price for the part you need. There are many advertisements for used Harley-Davidson OEM parts parts that may offer parts that may be less expensive than new ones.

Use advertisements

Advertisements are most efficient for finding cheaper parts. Several website allow you to create an advertisement and set your price. This is important as it shows you the motorcycle parts you need and the price you want.

Check the Harley-Davidson OEM parts

When the motorcycle parts arrive, check it out and see if it’s the right size for the frame and engine. Make sure the battery works also. Check the battery cables and make sure they are not clogged or damaged. Also important is to keep it clean and oil it. Then your vehicle will be totally fine.

Why maintenance of your motorcycle is very important

Did you find the perfect Harley-Davidson OEM parts? Then it’s time for the next step. Maintenance is very important. By doing so, your motorcycle continues to be in a good shape and have a long lifespan. And, last but not least, check the clutch kit for clunks and leaks. If it’s noisy and has leaks, it means your dealer fixed the leaky part, but not the good part. Replace the good part and make sure the leak isn’t clunky. This is the most important part of the bike. It should have a smooth running gear and a silent gear.

Chain and brakes

Sometimes a clunky gear will mean the chain needs to be cleaned and lubricated. Check the tension of the chain also. If it’s loose, use a chain adjuster to make it tight. Your bike is ready for riding. If your brakes are loose or don’t feel tight, the bike may need adjusting. You can adjust the brakes with a vise and smooth wooden sticks. Most of the clunking problems are with the brakes.